Seven Solutions

The seven solutions of Smart Com. City® form the basis of a [Services × City Value] infrastructure.

Smart Com. City® makes it worthwhile for visitors to a city to explore its streets on foot. These seven solutions integrated into a smartphone-based IT platform allow them to directly experience the services that make their visit an enjoyable one.


Smart Com App and Website

Generate discoveries of and relationships with the city, within and without the area

●ID data and visitor behavior (travel routes, lodging information, usage history, etc.) are recorded and stored in a centralized location
●Whether inside or outside the area, users can obtain information about discounts that match their attributes or preferences
●A premium-pass feature that allows users to receive discounts when shopping or dining
●A mileage feature that provides even more savings through miles earned by shopping and staying at hotels
●A recommendation feature that suggests a route with particular stores based on a user’s current mood and historical data
●A navigation feature that precisely guides users from current location to destination
●An online music distribution feature that allows users to listen to their favorite music while walking around the city


Smart Com Signage

Actively interact with visitors

●Equipped with Wi-Fi and sound-beacon technology that allows for bi-directional communication with visitor smartphones
●Push notifications that use sound beacons to provide nearby visitors with discount and promotional information that matches their individual preferences
●Pull notifications that allow visitors to get more information about what is displayed on a sign by holding their smartphones up to it
●A “People Counter” that shows in real time the number of people coming in contact with advertisements and other information
●A metered rate structure for advertising media that is based on the number of potential viewers as measured in real time
●Environmental sensors that perceive factors such as wind, precipitation, air temperature, and humidity
●A safety feature that directs people to shelters and switches to a stream of NHK emergency information in times of disaster


Sound Beacons

Sensor technology for the city’s services

●A marketing infrastructure that uses a detailed understanding of people’s preferences and movements to influence them towards purchasing.
●Provides precise guidance even in places with no GPS signal such as areas that are beneath overhead structures or underground
●Creates the possibility for visitors to naturally make serendipitous new discoveries of what the city has to offer


Geolocation data that accurately guides visitors to their destinations

●Takes responsibility for guiding visitors instead of making them figure out the route on their own
●A guidance infrastructure that is unaffected by physical limitations such as skyscrapers and underground shopping centers


Payment Systems

Use smartphones to receive discounts and pay in style

●Use a region-locked prepaid discount card to save money and pay in style without needing loose change
●Since payment is integrated in the app, the process can be completed by simply holding the smartphone up to the register


One-to-One CRM System

Mechanisms that generate repeat visits by making people fans of the city and its shops

●Use the information about visitor behavior and usage history stored by individual ID on the attribute server to send targeted information that makes visitors feel special and turns them into repeat customers
●Periodic CRM interactions will make people into fans of the city and brew their loyalty to it


Share using the Smart Com App

A mechanism that makes people want to share

●Content that people will intuitively want to share from inside the app

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Although each of these solutions has been offered separately in the past, we applied information and communication technology to integrate the seven solutions into a one-stop platform. With just a single smartphone, visitors can enjoy a new lifestyle as they explore what your city has to offer.