Smart Com. City®

Smart Com. City® connects all of the people associated with a city to increase that city's value and spur further growth and prosperity.

Smart Com. City® improves the convenience of a city to create even more added value. It leverages the latest information and communication technology to stimulate desires such as “I want that,” “I want to buy that,” and “I want to see that” in visitors to the city, encouraging them to make purchases and offering them a lifestyle in which they can enjoy new and wondrous encounters and discoveries.

Building a reputation as a city brimming with this sort of energy will generate even more activity and have the economic effect of increasing the actual profits of merchants, ultimately contributing to an increase in property values. As an information platform that is grounded on the hopes of people, Smart Com. City® also serves to help cities build a bright future.

A new purchase method for the smartphone era—facilitating communication between the people and cities that implement Smart Com. City®
“The AINALS Model”


Implement a one-stop service built on a smartphone-based IT platform: grab the [Attention] of city visitors, spark their [Interest], use [Navigation] to precisely guide them to purchase locations, then help them take [Action] through smart-payment systems.

And after they make the purchase, use the smartphone app to periodically touch base with them and build [Loyalty] toward the city and its shops. This loyalty can be a strong vehicle for disseminating information about cities and their shops via social media. The information infrastructure provided by Smart Com Laboratories builds strong and fruitful relationships between people (visitors) and cities (companies, merchants, etc.), creating a beneficial cycle that helps spread information about a city and what it has to offer.

Smart Com. City® Introduction video