JAODAQ® is a cloud-based marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and design outdoor advertising based on benchmark prices set by analyzing big data.

JAODAQ® contributes to the development of the outdoor advertising market

In an age where content creators continue to lament that their messages aren’t being delivered to consumers, outdoor advertising is being reconsidered as a way to capture the attention of people on the go. Still, outdoor advertising sales have only held steady over the past several years. Japan Advertising of Outdoor Automated Quotations (JAODAQ®) is an innovative system that creates transparency and compatibility in the outdoor advertising market and contributes to its growth by promoting more active use of the medium.

To further develop the outdoor advertising market

JAODAQ®‘s mission is to help advertisers, location owners, and advertising agencies build win-win relationships through the outdoor advertising marketplace.

1. Clearer pricing for advertising
JAODAQ® suggests standard prices that are transparently extracted from analyses of big data. This allows both location owners and advertising agencies to better understand the market and engage in clearer transactions.

2. Compatible with the marketing needs of companies

JAODAQ® closely matches the marketing needs of companies looking for cost-effective solutions with location owners who wish to improve the value of their properties. This allows for practical applications with insight into the advertising market.

3. An organized distribution system made possible by cloud

Individually designing and ordering a combination of outdoor advertising installations is complicated and inefficient. JAODAQ®‘s distribution mechanism greatly reduces the time and effort required to find locations and advertisements.

4. Outdoor advertising valued by the number of potential viewers

JAODAQ® sets standard prices for outdoor advertising based on the size, features, and number of potential viewers for each media product. Doing so enables users to design and implement different combinations of advertising selected from a wide variety of outdoor media.

The Transaction Process

To facilitate brisk and harmonious transactions, we set prices based on agreed-upon market principles and provide a distribution network for that information.


The JAODAQ® Framework


What is OOH-RePCO (Out-Of-Home Reference Price Calculated Official)?

(Patent application 2014-198625)

OOH-RePCO is a formula for calculating advertising pricing based on the number of potential viewers. These reference prices are determined by using a database of about 20,000 transit advertising installations to analyze big data for correlations between the number of potential viewers and the actual value of advertising media.

Method for Calculating Advertising Prices


JAODAQ® was designed with a clear transaction process to make it convenient to use. Location owners can send information about their outdoor advertising to a large number of advertising agencies, while advertising agencies can browse media information sorted by location, price, and other factors to develop extensive strategies that incorporate outdoor advertising. It is a system that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

JAODAQ® Promotional Video