For Location Owner

Innovation Infrastructure that increases a city’s value.

Satisfy visitors by being a city that is easy to visit

A city where visitors can feel satisfied by arriving stress-free at their destinations. The goal is to be a city that can provide them with suggestions for new discoveries that match their current moods.


By building relationships with people through convenience and high levels of satisfaction, your city can become a favorite destination that people will want to return to in the future. Build a large base of return guests and fans.

A city with influence

Not only will you increase your city’s ability to attract customers through its activity and liveliness, you will improve the value of media throughout the city as it becomes a place of influence.

A city with economic impact

Become a city full of motivational stories that stimulate consumption. A city where there is always something that people want to participate in, including town funding.

A safe and welcoming city

A clean and orderly city with a robust disaster-prevention system where people can live peacefully without worry.


Yurakucho Building (4F), 1-10-1 Yūrakuchō, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to