Innovation Infrastructure

By collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing all of the information that describes a city then promoting a universal design for that data, we create a mechanism that fosters participation and development.

People that work in the city, that study, that visit, that live in the city…
People of diverse ages, genders, nationalities, cultures and religions, occupations, and levels of disability.

A city consists of many different people interacting with each other.

In order to grow and prosper, a modern city must fully ascertain its own individuality and optimize, maximize its use of evolving digital technology to provide the people that work and congregate in it with useful information that suits them individually (messages that are appropriate to time, location, and circumstance).


It is also critically important that cities introduce new systems that create a beneficial cycle of listening to the voices of the people that visit and work in them, properly responding to those voices, inspiring each other, and increasing satisfaction for both the city and its people.
Smart Com. Laboratories employs an app designed for the smartphones used by many people today to build an invisible infrastructure that draws people to a city.

*Smart Com. City® is a registered trademark of Oricom Co., Ltd. (#5774789)