We don’t build systems, we create stories for your city.

A smart city in transition.
Surpassing the mere functional value inherent in systems and energy to organically link the city’s resources and management with deeply human stories that match individual thoughts, feelings, and preferences. By employing integrated solutions that generate this sort of emotional value, we transform cities into next-generation destinations where stories are born.


A city that supports, entices, and inspires people; a place where stories begin.
Innovation Infrastructure that goes beyond a simple information infrastructure, rooted in marketing perspectives within the power of human imagination.
This is our proposed Smart Com. City®.

The developer of Smart Com. City®, Smart Com Laboratories is a collaborative group of businesses from different industries that have joined together to combine their cutting-edge technologies and expertise.

Our consortium of professionals from diverse areas such as advertising, IT, trading companies, media, location data, and marketing integrates the latest information and communication technology to build new relationships between people and cities.

By imbuing a city with the sense of “a town that always has stories to tell”—a place that provides the main characters in those stories, its visitors, with new wonders and emotional experiences—we help the city build a rich and sustainable future.